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We have invested in top-grade equipment, materials and procedures in order to combat the harmful viruses and bacteria that could potentially harm your area and the people within it. Our proactive approach ensures that your area remains free of contaminants to the 99 percentile. Keep your organization safe by selecting one of our disinfecting packages below!


The best way to protect you, your staff and community from the threat of a virus is by being proactive and begin disinfecting BEFORE a possible contamination of your area occurs. Our top-grade disinfectants and cleaning equipment have been tested to kill bacteria and viruses at a kill time of 1 minute. We are here to serve and protect you from the spread of these harmful viruses. If you are 100% comitted to keeping your organization disinfected, we will be 150% comitting to gettting the job done!


Includes a 1-step disinfection procedure of all high touch point areas. Areas include door knobs/handles, phones, keyboard/mouse, washroom touch points, flush handles, sink faucet handles, soap dispensers and desk tops


Includes a 2-step cleaning and disinfection procedure of all high-touch point areas in the SILVER package.  Also included is a full restroom cleaning & disinfection, hard-floor sanitizing and carpet vacuuming.


Includes the 2-step cleaning and disinfection procedure included in the GOLD package. DIAMOND package also includes a strip and wax of up to 1000 square feet.

If you are looking to receive on-going disinfecting and cleaning services and save money in the process, contact us by clicking below. We can help create a cleaning plan that is designed around what you need!

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